Help!! i need help picking out car insurance?

Avg auto insurance for 18 year old?
Can anyone advise me for medical health insurance on the Insurance Company Usa America?
It was my first ticket. I was going 42 in a 25 mph zone. i live in oklahoma and that I have state park. Can it goto my insurance ?
Will someone elses seats effect OUR car insurance?
My pal is-16 and she saved-up and purchased a-car (the title is in her name). Now she is shattered and can't afford the insurance so it does not be driven by her. Her action mom pushes it however and she suggests that the automobile does not need insurance because she (the step mom) has driver insurance and any auto she pushes has responsibility coverage from her insurance. I've never heard of driver insurance and that I was thinking if the stepmom is dragging some type of scam (her car is often broken which is quite practical to really have a next car) Can someone tell me if this driver insurance exists.
Howmuch could these vehicles cost to operate monthly?

19 yr old looking for a rapid & cheapest insurance vehicle...?
"Howmuch do you think insurance will undoubtedly be for me (a 17-year old guy) driving a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L 2004? So that you can get yourself an offer you need to be but I am not yet 17 and I have looked on sites for estimates and that I feel your family to ensure you're the age that was best will be checked by them. Therefore any guesses on what much it will cost

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